Gift This Item

Last Minute Gift Giving Made Easy! 

Send gifts to friends, family or clients! 

How it works:

Step 1: Choose A Gift
Use the “Gift This Item” button once you have decided on a gift to give. Fill out the recipient's information and include a personal note. You'll then be directed back to the checkout to pay for the gift.

Step 2: Recipient Receives Gift Notification via Email
The gift recipient will receive an email in their inbox alerting them of the gift (emails are only sent after the payment is completed). The email will include your personal note and a link to “Unwrap The Gift.” Once the recipient clicks on the “Unwrap The Gift” button, your gift to them is revealed and they are alerted that the gift is on the way. 

Step 3: Recipient Receives Gift via Express Shipping (1-3 Days)
The gift recipient will receive your gift with Express Shipping via FedEx Express® or USPS® Priority Mail®.